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Evolving Energy II:
The international
Energy Foundation
IEF RMIT 2017  
  International Energy Foundation      
Announcement and Call for papers

Co-located with RMIT University 2017

Australia’s premier Clean Energy Industry Conference and Exhibition

18th - 20th December 2017

RMIT University: Storey Hall



The theme of the Evolving Energy-IEF International Energy Congress (IEF-IEC) II is Human Ingenuity making the Benefits of Renewable and Alternative Energies Possible with the goal of minimum adverse impact on the environment.


IEF-ICE2017 aims at bringing together the global energy industry, academia, research institutions and the community to deliberate over the most urgent problem today-the generation and utilisation of energy from renewable and alternative sources to achieve the primary goal of zero emissions.


IEF-IEC will provide a forum for discussions pertaining to the advances in the generation of Energy from Renewable and Alternative sources to achieve the goal of zero emissions. The status of transition from conventional Energy to zero emission Energy generation.  It will provide the opportunity for discussions about the technologies pertaining to, and viability of the gamut of emerging alternative and renewable energy resources



You are invited to submit proposals across any of the following congress topics

  • Renewable and Alternative Energies
  • Storage and transportation of energy
  • Conversion Technologies
  • Emissions Management
  • Government and Industry Energy Policies
  • Power Systems Optimisation and Management
  • Sustainable Energy Policy
  • Climate Change mitigation policies.
  • Conservation, Demand Management and Energy Efficiency
  • New Technologies for improving Traditional Energy Generation
  • Green Auto Powertrain
  • Environmentally friendly Architecture-Energy efficiency measures in buildings
  • Implications of Autonomous vehicles for energy efficiency in propulsion

    It is a condition of submission that the presenter of the abstract must pay to register for the conference by 15th September 2017.

    All presentations will be published for distribution to delegates and may subsequently be published separately. Presenters will be required to assign copyright to IEF.


    High-quality proposals for all contributions need to be submitted initially in the form of an abstract. You may submit proposals for:
    • Peer reviewed paper - double-blind peer review process applies
    • Non-peer reviewed paper
    • A forum presentation
    • Poster and/or conventional academic poster



    Abstract submission: Monday, 7th August 2017
    Abstract notification and invitation to submit full paper: Thursday, 10th August 2017
    Full paper submission: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
    Notification of acceptance of full paper: Thursday 31st August 2017
    Final Paper submission: Thursday, 14th September 2017.
    All accepted double blind peer reviewed papers will be published by Elsevier in Procedia Engineering and indexed by major databases of scientific and engineering literature such as Scopus and Thomson Reuters, and freely accessible via the internet.
    For information about Evolving Energy II IEF-IEC and RMIT 2017, visit


  • Submit your 300 word abstract and full contact details to by Tuesday, 5th August 2017
  • If your abstract is successful, you will be contacted by 31st August 2017.


    Congress Chair and convenor Professor Sylvester Abanteriba
    Director, RMIT International Industry Experience and Research Program
    Chair, Board of directors, IEF
    Phone: +61 39925 1193;