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We are the International Energy Foundation - the IEF. We are a non-profit group of scientists, researchers, engineers and others from around the world working together. Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of research and technology in all areas of energy with special emphasis on developing countries. We are interested in better ways to produce, transmit and conserve energy with respect to the technical, economic and human dimensional elements including global climate change.

We have international board of directors and advisors, bringing a global perspective to our operations.

Current projects include the official international energy forum ENERGEX'2004 in Portugal with future locations being Stavanger, Norway (2006), Melbourne, Australia (2008), Bangkok, Thailand (2010), Graz, Austria (2012) and Singapore- to be confirmed (2014). Other projects include conferences, workshops, seminars and symposiums such the Environment Conference in China in 2003, the Regional WEC Conference in Singapore in 2003 and the Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Conference (APREC) in Japan in 2005.

We have set up 13 Regional Headquarters to provide a focal point for international information networks so that people from around the world can access to the latest research data.

Other energy organizations are devoted to specific forms of energy, or they are associated with particular industries, government and other interests.

We deal with energy in the broadest sense - with all forms of energy. We go beyond national boundaries and we are reaching the people in 165 countries who are working with energy directly in their own research labs and offices. If you are interested in learning more about energy and, if you would like to share what you have already learned with the rest of the world, join us. There is no membership fee.